See What Members Are Saying About Us

Martha Jones:Interior Architect

"We joined CMC Investment Cooperative because strong communities have strong local investors that build up the community. Our dream is to be part of a movement to take back our main streets from outside forces and companies."

Martha Jones

Debbie Kross:Senior Interior Designer

"When I found out my neighborhood was coming together to take change into their own hands and not just wait for someone else to do it, I wanted to do my part. My first worry was, “Can I afford this?” Then I realized that if I truly believed in our community how could I afford not to."

Debbie Kross

John Warmouth:Visualiser of Interiors

"Joining CMC Investment Cooperative seemed like a no brainier. Downtown needed more development and CMC Investment Cooperative gave neighbors and business owners a chance to minimize their individual risk while at the same getting buy in and support from the community."

John Warmouth

Julia Western:Senior Designer

"My family moved to Craig around the time that the CMC Investment Cooperative was forming. We were excited to join because the CMC Investment Cooperative represents the kind of community we want to be part of. Watching the change happen in Craig has been very rewarding. For most of us investing means mutual funds or a 401k. We hope those funds grow, but are only vaguely aware of how that money is being used. With CMC Investment Cooperative we see our investment everyday. The return is not only to our personal financial benefit but to the social and economic benefit of the whole community."

Julia Western